Battle At Sea

There we were, living, though sometimes narrowly, through one adventure after another. Our forays would soon take us to the far corners of a round earth and most every place in-between. It was quite an experience for a young Rebel Poet like myself, but it gave me inspiration like nothing I had known before or since. I would have never believed it would have gone so far, and I never thought that even my hero the mighty Veggie Head Stalker would take on an experience like I describe next, but make no doubt this is how it took place.

Battle At Sea

Navy Beans, navy beans,
they sail the seven seas,
look the same in uniform,
and grow on vines like peas.
They hide in cans of metal
fired from submarines,
and if by chance, you open one,
it's the biggest mess you've seen.

When they come to board you
they pull across your bow.
They make you bow and grunt.
You're sure to holler, "How,
how many can there be
in just one little can?"
And you will need a gas mask
just so you can stand.

But don't you worry not a bit
for our hero's sailing near.
The Vegetable Stalker will save you,
and all those you hold dear.
He has a secret weapon,
though a navy they may be.
He'll hit them with some Beano,
and cut 'em down, you see.

"Well there you have it folks. The mighty Vegetable Stalker comes to the rescue again. Who would have thought the Vegetable Stalker could defeat an entire navy, both ships? But then who knew they had weapons of mass distraction? Why were they equipped with submarines, torpedoes, and gas? And he did it all alone too!"

"Are the rumors that Veggie is really a super hero, true? Will our hero catch a whale or will he just have a whale of a good time wrecking havoc on the navy. Considering he's a vegetarian I guess he'll not be catching any whales so stay tuned to Veggie's next adventure, Stalking A Carrot, to find out."