The Ocean's Bounty

Veggie Head Stalker decided Fiji was not the place to be. "The shouldn't let those trees carry loaded guns," he complained. "Why they might kill someone. Did anyone ever check to see if that palm tree had a valid permit to carry that weapon? Don't they at least require palm trees to talk a gun safety course? Why I might have been killed. Does my voice still sound higher pitched to you?"

The next morning we walked to the shore where out ship lay anchored...

 The Ocean's Bounty

The ocean's waves pound the shore,
relentless, they erode.
And so it is, the ebb and flow
of legends often told.
But near the banks, behind the rocks,
protected from itself;
our hero finds a treasure there,
an ocean filled with kelp.

Was then ol' Veggie starts to yell,
"By gosh, Man, look at that!
Surely I'm the only one
to see this bounty phat!"
Was then he ran to dive on in.
"Oh what a joy," he yelped.
"I'll never get enough of it--
this ocean filled with kelp."

Was then ol' Veggie starts to scream,
"Quick, save me from this mess!"
for all could see our hero
was getting really stressed.
And just when we had lost all hope
the lifeguard pulled him out
completely bound in seaweed,
embarrassed, have no doubt.

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"Man, that was sure close. Who would have known a super hero like Veggie couldn't swim? Is there no vegetable on earth that remains safe from the Vegetable Stalker? Even those vegetables that live in the ocean? And will Veggie ever be safe from the many vegetables that grow all over the world? Find out... Veggie, stop drinking the sea water. You'll only get thirstier. Somebody hold him while I start the boat please."

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