Veggie Gets Juiced

Veggie and I decided we should law low and search out the guilty party while finding out who had been the source of the leaks. We really didn't know where to start so we thought we should ask someone who had some experience in matters like these, someone who had also vowed to never quit trying to clear his own name...

Veggie Gets Juiced

The Vegetable Stalker set the pace,
the hounds left in the blind.
How can a man run on so fast
with so much there behind?
He said to me, the last we spoke,
"I'm innocent, you see.
It was someone else ate the cherries.
That's why I must be free."

So he's runnin' now to someplace else
to try and save his name.
Down South he'll not be recognized
until he sheds the blame.
And so it is, he pleads his case.
Will it work? I cannot say
for he's hiding in an orange grove
hangin' with OJ. (Simpson, that is.) 

"Could it be the Vegetable Stalker was framed? That's what some people including Billy Jones, the Poet Laureate of North America are saying. Veggie Head Stalker, aka, the Vegetable Stalker, swears he's innocent and will not stop searching for the real criminals until he can prove his innocence. But look who he hangs out with. OJ Simpson? Billy Jones? Who gave Mr Jones the title, Poet Laureate of North America anyway? Did he make that up? Find out more at six and eleven."

I was getting pretty sick of the media attributing their crappy verse to me and I couldn't believe they reported Veggie was an escaped convict. You can't be an escaped convict unless you've been in jail and Veggie Head Stalker had never been to jail. Well there was that one time but that was only until I got there to bail him out on those trumped up invasive species charges years before. Our story continues in Leeks right after this message from our invasive sponsors.

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