Veggie's Surrender

It had to be remembered there was still a war going on and before Veggie and I could attempt even a faux attempt to take the White House we had to finish the war

While it was true that People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals was almost a memory and This Harvest Eats You was suffering huge losses all over the world, THEY still had a bush in the White House and control of all the world's governments. We could see the end was near, but what we couldn't see was which side was going to win. After holding a joint meeting with all of our division commanders Veggie rolled another and decided we should go for broke. Either we'd win or we'd lose but after this next battle everything else would just be clean up...

Veggie's Surrender

The chased us from the forest,
across the fresh plowed fields;
battled us on mountains high.
Our defeat they'd surely yield.
Was more than we had measured.
For sure we'd know defeat.
We battled them around the world
from house to house to street.

 Potatoes and the lettuce,
cabbage and melons too;
tomatoes, tomatillos, squash,
just to name a few.
The roses with their thorns so sharp,
asparagus, artichokes too.
Every vegetable we had battled
except for one or two.

The navy beans made fast their route
to seal off our escape.
We'd hoped to sail away so fast
but now it was too late.
Spinach led their viscous charge
reinforced by black-eyed peas,
while gourds set traps to capture us,
and bring us to our knees.

We dug our trenches, settled in
to fight but never run,
knowing all would soon be lost.
The battles would be done.
We said our prayers, said goodbye,
and dreamed of times so fun,
shared a drink of water
and stared up at the sun.

While THEY slowly wilted in the blazing heat of a Sahara Desert sun.

"WAR IS OVER! That's right, folks. Veggie Head Stalker, aka, the Vegetable Stalker, and his sidekick, the Rebel Poet and Poet Laureate of North America, Billy Jones, have defeated the invasive species, This Harvest Eats You and won the war to save the world! Is there anything those guys can't do? You know, besides get girls? What will they do next? To find out stay tuned to VTN 'cause there's nothin' better to do."

But there were still things to do. We still had a bush in the White House. Veggie and I knew that while their armies were defeated we must still remain ever vigilant as THEY would someday try to rebuild. And we had to be compassionate as like Veggie, not every plant was against us.

As for Veggie, well he said he was going to drop out of the campaign, take a few weeks off then seek out a few new adventures. And me? Remember that cute little USDA undercover agent from Georgia? I'd tell you more but I'd have to kill you...

That was 2002. Thirteen years later I penned Epilogue, Endings Or Beginnings? I hope you'll take the time to read it.